Learn Using a Legitimate Company for Transfers

If you have ever found yourself the owner of a timeshare and are looking for a way out of it, you are probably researching your options for either selling or transferring it. Reselling a timeshare is next to impossible, and often your resort is complicit in referring you to unscrupulous timeshare resales companies. These individuals charge an upfront fee to remarket, list, appraise or otherwise help you sell your timeshare. This is because timeshares are only sold one way: at a resort, after you have been lured there with an offer of something for free, told it is only 90 minutes. If selling it is not the right avenue for you at this time or your resort does not offer resale possibilities, timeshare transfers are always a great way for you to free yourself this property. However, there are many companies out there that advertise being able to transfer your timeshare quickly and without a hassle. While that may seem like an excellent option for you, it is essential to do your research on the company to see if they are legitimate and have done precisely what they have said they would do for other timeshare owners. Here are a few ways in which you can verify the validity of the timeshare transfer company you are researching so you, your finances, and family are all protected.



Make sure they are accredited & have a good track record by the BBB – One of the best ways to confirm that the company you are researching for timeshare transfers is legitimate is to check and see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Once you have ensured that they are BBB verified, check to see what their rating is and if there are any customer complaints on their profile. The BBB takes into consideration the type of business, the time they have been a business, their complaint history, and other relevant factors when configuring a rating for a company. Additionally, it is also essential to make sure it is not only accredited but has been in business for a minimum five years. You can see all of the elements considered for a BBB rating here on their website.



Research laws surrounding transfer companies in that state – Another way to ensure you are working with the right company when it comes to timeshare transfers is to do your research around what is required of the company by the state. Depending on where the business is located, the timeshare transfer company could be required by the state government to have a real estate license. In states that require this of companies, it is just to protect those who work there and those who are customers of the company. If the state it is in requires a real estate license and the company does not have one, this is a red flag that they are not only disregarding the law but also probably not the most reputable agency to work with for timeshare transfers.

If you are looking for a company who is not only reputable but experienced in timeshare transfers, give us a call at Go Away Timeshare today. For more information on how we can help you transfer ownership of your timeshare.